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One reason the GOP has such a loyal following

July 14, 2011

I’m not particularly loyal to the Democratic Party. For one thing, I live in the state whose Senior Senator is constantly named “The Most Conservative Democrat in Congress.”

I am loyal to Ben. He is well known amongst staffers for buying Happy Hour rounds at Tortilla Coast; when I was a young intern everyone wanted to be my friend so they could meet Ben. Yes, my adoration is cheaply bought with several rounds of dollar beers.

Happy hour friendships and creative social propaganda aside, Democrats should be taking a few cues from Republicans when it comes to getting business done.

One of their biggest problems, is a fundamental characteristic of their base: pragmatism. It seems that today’s Economist/YouGov survey has identified one fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats want to get something accomplished, even if they have to compromise. While Republicans would rather stick to their principles, even if it means nothing gets done.

For students of the old-school definitions of “liberal” and “conservative,” this makes perfect sense. “Liberals” believe that society can manifest itself as a democratic government to provide for the greater good. “Conservatives” believe that individuals can only reach their potential in the absence of interference.

For voters, it means that Democrats don’t have the balls to do what they think is best and Republicans are so stubborn that stalling has become their go-to tactic.

If only we could institute a proportional representative election system. We could be free from the choice-limiting two-party system once and for all. And yes, that is the most conservation wording I could use. I hope the irony isn’t lost.


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