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An economy free from responsibility

September 8, 2011

Mr. Huntsman, if you’re going to run a business and create jobs, do it responsibly. Take care of your employees, take care of your community. I could consider voting for you if you would just connect the dots from your belief in science – it’s great that you use it to discredit other candidates – to environmental sustainability. Successful small business owners and entrepreneurs have higher standards for their own ethical conduct that any regulatory body requires.

Yes, America needs to invest in its own energy resources; but there is a reason we don’t let industries self-regulate:

Oops! This is a picture of Huntsman Corp in Pensacola Florida, number 80 on our 100 worst corporate polluters list from PERI.

Mr. Perry, millions of unemployed workers would accept a minimum wage job right now, but only because something is better than nothing. A family of four with two parents working full-time for minimum wage – $7.25 – is still earning $7,400 below the poverty line and still dependent on welfare programs. Eliminating the minimum wage would create poverty jobs, trapping the working poor in a cycle of dependency. It would widen our wealth gap and burden social programs. See Paul Osterman’s recent interview on creating quality jobs that will grow the economy long term.

Mr. Romney, thank you for standing up for Social Security. Thank you for reminding conservatives that we have moral responsibilities to our own. You win this round.

Also, the Economist did a great live-blog commentary. If you want a funny summary, here it is.

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