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Baby Steps

February 22, 2012

It’s been (over) a month since we moved and I haven’t written anything! I’m going to try and get in the habit of recording everything Baby Girl does. She’ll be 14 months next week!

New words:

  • Elmo
  • hat
  • hot
  • kwa (like quack, what a duck says)
  • moo (what a cow says)
  • oink/snork/inward breathing (what a pig says, starting to notice a theme?)
  • Papa (like Grandpa, who visited us two weeks ago and brought yum yums)
  • No German yet, Baby Girl becomes very frustrated when I read her the story books I translated, but we do love Germany cartoons!

New tricks:

  • Took first steps on Sunday, Feb 19, 2012!
  • Can find my belly, eyes, hair, teeth, and toes – and loves grabbing mama’s and dada’s
  • Points to mama and dada’s door and says “Ssshh” – Delta works nights, so in her eyes, he sleeps most of the day and mama sleeps never
  • Helps mama with laundry by pushing buttons and taking clean clothes out of the dryer and handing them to her
  • Stands on one leg and does a (slightly tilted) arabesque in attitude
  • Yoga poses mastered: bharadvaja twist, downward facing dog, heron pase (krounchasana, sitting and holding one leg up by the toes)
New favorite things:
  • Whatever dada is eating
  • Using my own fork and spoon
  • When mama says “No!” (she is so funny, acting like the boss)
  • Playing mama’s tum tum like a drum drum
  • Slamming doors and hiding behind them
  • Playing hide and seek/get you
  • Rubbing things in my hair
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