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Baby Steps II: Tinker Bell’s First Firsts

February 22, 2012

On Sunday my entire family – well, the six immediate members – gathered around my mom’s new computer and were part of the first first they thought they would miss. Incidentally, it was Baby Girl’s dada’s first first too.

I put my laptop on the floor and scooted back. Slowly I wriggled my fingers away from hers and put them up high. “Sooo big!” An ocean away twelve hands clapped and six mouths cheered. I put my arms out to her and she didn’t even hesitate. One, two, three steps; like she’d been doing it all along. I knew that’s how it would happen, she would just wake up one day and know how, that’s how is was when she starting crawling too.

Our audience went wild! “She’s walking!” “She stepped!” “When did she start this?!” Was it a fluke? I put her back down and took a step back. She did it again, looking from the computer to me and back to the computer. As soon as she heard the applause she put her hands back in the air and started laughing. “You people are so easy to entertain!”

I ran to get Delta and we hurried back to see if we could get her to do more. Each time, sauntering back and forth between us, Baby Girl would look to the camera both before and after – just to make sure no one was missing this. With each clap she grew more giddy, with each step we grew more proud.

This child was just born to be on the stage! She’s just like Tinker Bell, she needs applause to live. She has really done well with this big move, getting used to a very quiet new house and just being with mama most of the time. I knew it would be harder for me, more lonely, more bittersweet. But getting to have my family be a part of this first first away, makes it easier for me to know it’ll all be okay. And my hubby, I’ve never seen his smile so big. He got a perfect first first.

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