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Alpha Mama

I grew up in rural conservative dreamland Nebraska. After studying and working in politics, I was reclaimed by the Military & Aerospace sector thanks to both my husband and my father. I am a proud, but tired, mama. I am a proud, but frustrated, liberal. I have the most expensive MRS (Master of Relationship Studies) ever. I read religion books at night and political rags in the morning. Since I was raised Catholic and my husband is Buddhist, we call ourselves Buddhi-Christians – bonus points for the Dogma reference. I think I want to be a philanthropist when I grow up, the kind that makes speeches and gives away millions.

Meet the Cast (All Call Signs, see my OPSEC/PERSEC policy)

Delta: attentive husband, playful father, Senior Airman, dinosaur enthusiast, incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy

Baby Girl: our first (of several no doubt), sitting up champion, grabber of hair and sunglasses, maker of the rules, keeper of the schedule

Gigi: mother, leads by example, lover of politics, wonderful cook, doesn’t give advice unless asked but gives witty opinions freely

Flash: father, small business owner, watersport enthusiast, organizer of backyard sand volleyball tournaments

Rachel: sister, caring nurse, social butterfly, drinker of dessert wine and watcher of terrible reality shows, ideal maid of honor, the carrots to my peas

Max: brother, king of one-liners, athletic, winner of beer games, Master’s candidate, despite being late for everything makes everyone else look like an academic slacker

Annie: sister, triple threat, beginning to grasp junior high irony, cried tears of joy when I told her I was pregnant, has as many common mannerisms with Baby Girl as either of her parents

Raptor: brother, most considerate person I’ve ever met, enjoys his own news commentary, dinosaur enthusiast

Elle, best friend from high school, Army Sergeant, conservative, watcher of Fox News, finished her bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in three years

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